The Philadelphia     Homebrew Club


Aaron Peskin is the President of the Philly Homebrew Club and one of its founding members.  Before he was elected President, Aaron was general counsel and club legal advisor for five years.  When Aaron is not busy with club activities, he is a partner at the Ferrara Law Group, specializing in commercial and employment litigation as well as basic corporate law.   He has been homebrewing for five years, and while his beer is strictly amateur, he is proud to say that his knowledge of brewing has allowed him to represent a number of breweries in the Greater Philadelphia area on a professional basis.  In addition to sampling new brews, Aaron enjoys playing rec-league softball, traveling, spending time with his wife and daughters, and rooting for his beloved Patriots in the middle of enemy territory.


Tom Pettine is our Vice-President and also one of its founding members. He has been an employee of Philly HomeBrew Outlet since it opened years ago. He has been brewing for years, in fact if you have to the PHO West location and enjoyed a beer/wine/seltzer or any other beverage odds are he made it. He helped build and design the big brew system at PHO West as well.  Along with all of that Tom also helps out with everything in our equipment rental program. He helps keep everything tracked and organized. 


      Tom Dugas, he is a retired CPA who has lived in Jenkintown, PA since 1979. He involves himself in his family and community and loves music (especially  jazz), art, cooking and quality dining. He is an avid reader and enjoys films. He fills his time with PHBC activities, home brewing and some seasonal character acting (Santa). He has been brewing since the early 1970's. He drank his beer at his wedding in 1975. He is starting his seventh year as a member of the club and his forth year of having the privilege to serve our Club members on the PHBC Board. He is more of a "style" brewer than an experimental brewer and have a special love for the great beer traditions; English, German and Belgian. However, he can be distracted by traditional styles from anywhere and experiment a bit with pre-prohibition American styles. He is in the nerdy camp of home brewing. Come and talk to him at our events, he would love to get to know you.

Legal Counsel

Kathleen Kline is our legal counsel as of last year. She has been a vital part in reorganizing of our now current by-laws, a process that would have been impossible without her help. She has been a club member for several years and can usually be found at our big events volunteering or enjoying a beer. Her expertise in general law has helped the board continue to ensure we do things in a fun and legal way.

Event Director

Chris Friedman  (far right in this picture) is our event director as of last year.Chris is a psychology student in Philadelphia, who alongside psychology, studies philosophy and biology. In his spare time, Chris takes photos of things, walks around Philly, brews his own beer, and on occasion, can be caught running around, trying his darndest not to trip and fall. Taking over for our previous director, M.C. Archbold, Chris has been a big help getting our big events together. He continues working on making our event bigger, better and more fun for all. So come out to Winter Warmers or Made on American Street and enjoy a beer with Chris.

Marketing Director

      Steven George aka Esteban Jorge is our marketing director. He has been an active club member and homebrewer for many years now. He brings a professional level of expertise to his role on the board as he does marketing for his day job. He is very friendly and a heck of a brewer. He has been and continues to be a important part to help getting the word out for all of our events. 

Competition Director

Name: Andy Gliddon Age: 34 --> 35 Location: 35000 feet 5 years as a member 

       His life in the beer world. He travels the world for work and pleasure exploring the beer scenes as possible.  He is currently a Certified level BJCP judge with a strong possibility of being National by the end of the year.  At home, he brews as many different BJCP styles as he can given both time to drink and time to brew them. His travel schedule leaves him missing a lot  of meetings, so some of you may know him better than others depending on how lucky you've been timing wise.  Our club could use more judges, so he will be happy to work with folks to learn the BJCP methods, exams scheduled, and maybe more classes rolling again.


  The Philly HomeBrew Outlet has been a very important part to the club as an organization. The board thought it only fit that a representative from PHO join us for board meetings so we can continue our great relationship with this awesome place.  The store also holds our monthly third Friday meetings, so with out them we wouldn't have a place to enjoy all that food and beer every month. Please feel free to visit any of the store locations or there website.

Click Here to visit Philly Homebrew Outlet

Third Friday Director

James Baker III is our third Friday director. His goal is to make every member and guest feel welcome. Every month the club has a meeting, he can be found working hard making delicious food. He has been a homebrewer for three years now and will brew anything at anytime in any season. Although he prefers to make any form of IPA he has also enjoyed using his whiskey barrels to make all kinds of unique beers. So check out our events section for this months meeting and be sure to bring some beer and food you've made, he would be very thankful, and so would everyone else.

The Philadelphia Homebrew Club is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. 1447 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

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